Become A Host Home

BattleCreek Institute accepts students from all around the country - and the world! When this happens, these students sometimes need assistance with housing.

We are always looking for people who would be willing to open their home to an intern for a 1-year period.

If you would like to help the next generation of Godly leaders advance in their journey with Christ by providing a place for them to stay, please check out the FAQ's and click the application button below!

Host Home FAQ's

What are the requirements of those living in the home?

All persons age 18 or older in the home must submit to a background check provided by and paid for by BattleCreek Church.

All host home applications will receive an interview inside the home with BattleCreek Institute and are subject to approval by the institutes director.

(Any interns staying in your home will have a clean background check as well.)

What Kind of Home Do I Need?

You must own or be in the process of owning a properly insured residence and have an available guest room (1 room per intern).

How Should The Interns Room Be Set Up?

Each intern staying in your home must have the room to his/herself and should not be shared with any other resident or intern.

Each room should contain a bed, dresser and/or closet, and a small desk or chair (depending on the room size).

What are the expectations of a host home besides providing room to stay in?

In addition to providing a room with the appropriate items mentioned above, Host Homes are also expected to provide food and/or meals for the intern as needed. This usually consists of breakfast and dinner.

The intern will also need a place to park their car in a manner that complies with city ordinance.

What are the expectations of the intern(s) who would stay at my residence?

Each intern is expected to keep their room clean and well kept. They are also expected to keep common areas of the home (such as the living room, kitchen, and bathroom) they may occupy clean during and after use. They are expected to do their own laundry.

Interns are also expected to participate in household chores as needed, such as light cleaning, dusting, lawn care, etc as needed and as appropriate.

How long will the intern stay in our home?

Most interns will be participating in a 1-year program. However, we understand that not every intern will complete the program, and not every home will be available for the full year.

If you have an available room in your home for 6 months, for example, we will still consider your application as multi-home stays sometimes happen.