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Fall 2022-2023

What is BattleCreek Institute?

Battlecreek Institute is an internship program designed to help you know your calling, sharpen your skills, gain real-life experience, and be prepared to serve in a local church.

From life-changing classes focusing on personal, professional, and spiritual development to meaningful work with well-tenured ministry leaders, BattleCreek Institute is a transformational environment that will propel you the next level of your ministry preparedness and capabilities.

If you join us for a year, you will emerge ready for a lifetime of ministry.

Internship Tracks

BattleCreek Institute offers a wide array of ministries for you to explore. Check it out!


Experience what it means to meaningfully impact the lives of churchgoers in a pastoral, groups, or ministry coordinator role.


Use your creative skills through a worship, production, video, design, or marketing & communications role.

Next Gen

Leverage your ability to connect with kids and young adults to propel them into a deep relationship with God and their community.

Missions + Care

Help take the gospel message outside the walls of the church building and into our community by meeting the physical, social, and spiritual needs of the greater Tulsa area.

Ready to join?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the internship for?

The internship is for any Christian age 18+ who senses a call to Christian leadership and is looking for challenging, hands-on education and opportunities to pursue it.

Is the internship full-time or part-time?

Both! Full-time interns get some great benefits! They get:

  • In-class leadership development courses focusing on spiritual, personal, and professional development
  • Exposure to experts in all fields of ministry
  • A leader/mentor who will facilitate their afternoon practicum.

Part-time interns enjoy a similar, condensed experience.


Will I receive course credit for completing the internship?

If your college or university will allow you to use the experience and education obtained at BattleCreek Institute for course credit, we are happy to provide any documentation or correspondence needed. Interns are responsible for checking with their advisor, school registrar, and/or professor(s) for the necessary information.

UPDATE: we are very close to securing partnerships with local and national universities for students affiliated with those university to receive college credit by participating in our classes  and practicum. Ask us about this when you apply!

What type of transformational development can I expect?

BattleCreek Institute focuses on three fields of study: Personal Development, Professional Development, and Spiritual Development. The method of teaching for each of these fields is “Teach, Model, Coach.”

Is the internship paid?

BattleCreek Institute is a no-cost leadership development program that offers wisdom and practical experience rarely seen at other churches. As such, it does not offer compensation for participation in the program – BUT, we know lots of businesses willing to hire qualified candidates to support your internship. (Internship does not guarantee employment with these businesses).

We also utilize host homes owned by carefully vetted members of BattleCreek Church who agree to house an intern for 1 year rent and utility free! That’s a huge cost reduction on your living expenses!

Also, our church occasionally has paid part-time openings in its child-care program that operates outside the internship hours. Interns must separately apply and qualify for a position as a child-care worker. The institute can assist you in this process.

Can I work at another job during the internship?

Yes, as long as the hours worked do not dramatically interfere with your internship, physical health, mental well-being, or spiritual health.

We do offer flexibility with scheduling in these circumstances.

Why should I join BattleCreek Institute over other internships?

At BattleCreek Institute, the emphasis is on you. We want to give you our collective life-lessons, wisdom, and experience, so that you emerge with a huge head-start into your ministry journey.

Other internships, on average, offer mundane, low-level opportunities that may help you get your foot in the door at a church, but don’t actually give you meaningful projects or responsibilities and prepare you for “real-life” ministry. They typically have one person teaching you in your department of interest.We have multiple staff across our campuses and support teams to give you valuable insights. You don’t just learn from one youth pastor, for example. You learn from six!

At BattleCreek Institute, we put in you directly on the front lines and give you opportunities to safely fail or safely succeed doing the types of ministry you want to do.

This where real growth occurs! By the time you’re done, you’ll feel like you’ve gained FIVE YEARS of experience in our 1-year program!

What would I do about housing?

BCI interns are ultimately responsible for finding and providing their own housing. However, we have a limited number of host homes that are willing to house an intern at no cost.

Host homes:

  • Are members of BattleCreek Church.
  • Are owned or mortgaged by the family in it.
  • Have cleared a background check among all 18+ members of the home.
  • Must have 1 unshared guest room available with reasonable bedding and accommodations.
When do applications close?

Applications close at 11:59pm the day before each semester starts. The summer semester begins May 16, 2022, and the 1-year semester begins August 15, 2022.

The 1-year internship is divided into quarters that can be completed in one year regardless of the quarter in which you begin.

Send an email to or text us at 918-982-5674 to find out when the next quarter begins!

What are the basic requirements for interns?

Due to the nature of the institute’s ministry consisting of 6 local campuses in the Greater Tulsa area, each resident much have their own vehicle and cell phone for the duration of the internship. A personal laptop and cell phone is required.

All interns must agree and adhere to Battlecreek Church’s internal and external core values, code of conduct, and consent to a background check.


All interns must be aged 16+ for any summer internship* and 18+ for the 1-year internship.


*BattleCreek Institute is currently evaluating the frequency of summer internships which may or may not be available each summer. Give us a call to see if an opportunity is available!

How can I find out more about each track?

You can find out more about each ministry track here on the website by clicking on the track(s) you are interested in on our main page.

What are the dates of the internship?

Our internship runs from August 15th, 2022– July 26th, 2023

What can I expect in the application process?

Each application starts by filling out our online application which can be found here.

Once the application is received, you can expect a call or text from a member of our team to set up a phone consultation.

Applicants warranting further consideration will proceed to 2nd meeting consisting of an interview with a/several department head(s).

After any additional interviews, if the applicant is deemed eligible for admission, an offer will be extended.

Can I apply for more than ministry track?

Yes! While only one ministry track can be pursued at a time, you can indicate which the ones you are interested in.

Generally, interns pursue no more than two tracks. This happens when an intern would like to explore another ministry they might be called to or simply want to be challenged in other areas.

How and when can I apply?

You can apply by clicking “Apply Now” above or click the link below.


Can I apply if I do not live in the United States?

Yes, you can apply if you do not live in the United States.

At this time, we are unable to sponsor any visas for international applicants.

International interns are still responsible for having reliable transportation, a laptop, and personal cell phone.

What if I have unanswered questions?

If the answer to your question(s) cannot be found in the FAQ list, please reach out to us!


Josh Gray, Director of BattleCreek Institute

Phone: 918-982-5674


Our Team

Josh Gray - Director of BattleCreek Institute

With a unique skillset of marketing in the business world and a call to ministry, Josh oversees BCI's education program and its interns to ensure each student has a life-changing experience.

Kurt Von Eschen - Executive Team

With 30+ years in ministry, Kurt oversees all departments that interact with BCI, as well as BCI itself. Kurt has the gift of strategic planning, and his guidance ensures the internship program aligns with the goals and values of BattleCreek Church.

Hannah Gray - Admin

After a successful career at a Fortune 500 company, Hannah chose to dedicate her life to serving in an administrative support role at Battlecreek Church. She currently manages the project needs of four different departments, including BattleCreek Institute.